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Patient Testimonials

“The therapists are great, they seemed knowledgeable about what they were doing.  Their names are Jenny and Becky. The therapy gym was a great environment to receive therapy. It was bright and the therapists are very welcoming.

The hospital was using a bone stimulator and staff took the time to research the machine and speak with the physician and allowed the bone stimulator to be a part of my therapy. I enjoyed the private room and sharing quality time with my family.

For Thanksgiving we were able to reserve the library, which was a great space for my family and I to spend the holiday together. The nursing staff is very attentive and I have enjoyed my stay here.”

– P. Bradley 
dowload testimonial

“I was very impressed with my stay here, my room was just wonderful.  Having a private room made me recuperate much faster. I enjoyed the camaraderie of the staff. They were very friendly and always asked if I needed anything. They were at my beck and call. I was also impressed with the Physical and Occupational therapists, Luis and Damien, they were friendly and very cute. I had a wonderful stay at Imperial.”

– R. Power
dowload testimonial

“I wanted to be able to get around pain free, especially [to] get up the stairs pain free.  The therapy team here is phenomenal!  They have helped me achieve my goal!  Everyone here is great which is why I came back for therapy on this second hip!"

– P. Matlak
dowload testimonial

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